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The 3 absolutely key things you need to know when selling your home

Blog by Robert Matthews | February 10th, 2016

Our current high demand / low supply real estate market is no doubt bringing amazing deals. But you owe it to yourself, even in this spiralling market, to do what you can to ensure your home sells fast, for the price you want. Here's the 3 most important things I tell my clients about selling their home:

  1. Lasting impressions are formed within seconds of arriving at the front of your home. Now’s the time to do updates and repairs. Yes, this may take some time and money, however these relatively small items may add thousands of dollars to your selling price. The return on a small investment in time and money is definitely worth it. As I like to tell my clients, your home will never look so good as the day you list it!

  2. Most buyers don’t want to have things to fix as soon as they move in. They want a house in good to excellent condition. If you want to leave things unfixed, prepare to perhaps forego some dollars.

  3. A great offer can fizzle because of a home inspection issue that could have been dealt with before hand. Consider getting a home inspection before you list your home. An inspection could highlight deficiencies that you can correct before the first buyer walks in your door. Don’t blow a good offer with an inspection issue that could have been fixed before hand.

Spending some time up front getting your ducks in a row can help you maximize the sales price for your home. Ready to dive in? Take a look my blog posts that explain the key things to do inside your home, and outside your home.

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And contact me anytime to learn more about how you can maximize your selling price, and net the most money in your pocket.

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