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Get ready to sell: Part 1 - Inside your home

Blog by Robert Matthews | February 17th, 2016

You always want to maximize the sales price of your home, regardless of how much your home value may have increased in the past year or two.

home maint 1.jpg
The absolute first priority is to fix or replace damaged or worn interior items. As I mentioned in my earlier blog posting, most buyers don’t want to have to fix things as soon as they move in. A few weeks before you’re ready to show your home is the time to do minor repairs and maintenance.

Here's a list of typical items which may need repairing or replacing. As you work through this list you'll no doubt identify additional minor repair and maintenance items.

  • Badly worn hardwood
  • Worn carpets and area rugs
  • Cracked floor tiles; loose laminate
  • Missing caulking or grout
  • Broken or sticky window and door latches
  • Loose doorknobs; squeaky door hinges
  • Leaky taps or toilets
  • Tired bathroom lighting, mirrors, and toilet seats
  • Closet or screen doors not smoothly working
  • Damaged, torn or worn window coverings (drapes, shades, blinds)

Just focusing on repairs is sometimes not enough. You also want to modernize and freshen your home. Take a look around with a critical eye. These are the tricks I recommend that can really help to get a home sold for top dollar:

  • Consider regrouting your bathtub. This alone can make a bathroom seem fresher and cleaner. 
  • Replace overhead lights with modern fixtures.
  • Update light switches and plug outlets to a modern style.
  • Replace cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Consider installing a new water heater, as older ones are often an inspection issue.
  • Consider a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint for walls, ceilings and trim. The time and money invested here may bring a better offer price.