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Is 'now' a good time to list your Vancouver home, townhouse or condo?

Blog by Robert Matthews | November 10th, 2014

It's early November and you're considering a move. What to do? Keep in mind the usual timeline when buying or selling a home, townhouse or condo. If we list your property, it will be a week or so before first showings. Most homes, townhouses and condos may take some weeks to sell, with my average at 16 days. That puts us at close to late November or so. An offer will likely have ten days of subject conditions; following which most buyers are looking for six to ten weeks to close. But then we have the holiday season to consider.

Few people want to close on a purchase later than mid December; even fewer in early January. Thus if you list today and sell in 16 days, chances are good you'll have a late January or early February close. Nothing wrong with this! The odds of striking a good deal on your next home are often better in the winter, as winter sellers are typically more motivated than those caught up in the usual spring market excitement.

Thinking of buying or selling, or just want to chat about possibilities? Feel free to contact me at any time. I'm here to help.