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3 key value-enhancers when selling your home

Blog by Robert Matthews | September 8th, 2015

Oftentimes home buyers just can’t visualize the potential of a home. They have to see it. How your home shows now is how people see themselves in it. They can’t see past the chips, leaks, and clutter – in fact, they tend to focus even more on those things.

After price, the condition of your home is the single biggest factor determining how fast – and for how much – your home sells.

Buyers want to see homes that are:

  1. Clean. Inside and out. It matters. A lot.

  2. Well-maintained. Make minor repairs. Chipped paint, cracked tiles, squeaky hinges, leaky faucets. Fix everything you can.

  3. Free of clutter. Give it away, throw it away or store it away, but get it out of your house. Too many personal objects makes it difficult for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in your home. Now that you’ve made the decision to move, you need to commit to that and remove your identity from the house. Focus on turning your home into an irresistible ”show home”.

And if you’re a condominium owner, do what you can to encourage your strata council to spruce up the building and grounds, for everyone’s benefit (landscaping, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, paint, elevator and lobby wear). You may need to start this encouragement early on – i.e., several weeks or a few months before you’re thinking of listing your condo.

Sound overwhelming? You don’t need to do it all overnight. And to make things even easier for you, simply follow the checklists included in my free, no-obligation Home Seller's Guide. Just contact me to receive an emailed pdf copy. 

And, of course, as part of my home-selling services I provide:

  • A comprehensive Home Presentation Assessment: I’ll advise on minor yet impactful repairs and improvements. As necessary, I’ll gladly help coordinate minor repairs and updates. I’ll provide staging strategies on everything from lighting to furniture placement, and bring in my staging team for decor assistance. I can also arrange for full-home staging as necessary.

  • A complete Curb Appeal Assessment: First impressions really do count. I’ll tell you how to make that first impression outstanding, and what you can do to get maximum return. It’s often the little things that make the difference.

Thinking of selling? Contact me anytime to learn how you can maximize your selling price, and net the most money in your pocket.