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Should you be "first out of the gate" in January?

Blog by Robert Matthews | December 19th, 2014

December is often a quiet month in the real estate market. But not this year...
Traditional thinking is that once we move closer to the holidays, real estate activity slows down. While this often does happen, some areas and some price points in the Vancouver market are definite exceptions. Many of you will have seen recent media headlines about the active market leading to multiple offers. I can personally attest to this phenomenon, having been involved in three multiple offer situations this month already. But then other colleagues are into their winter holidays now, since more often than not December can be a quiet time for home sales, and Realtors. While a particular home sale process may have limited activity in December, there are exceptions. And exceptions get the headlines.
All that being said, should you really list your home for sale in the third week of December? I’d suggest not. But it wouldn’t hurt to be first out of the gate in January. By the third week of January we’ll begin  to see stirrings of activity again after the holiday lull. Listing your home in mid-late January can attract those eager, serious buyers who are keen to buy – because they’re eager to get into a home, and/or want a jumpstart on other buyers entering the Spring market. I already have a couple of listings queued up for late January. However, I’ve also just had a call from a family who want to buy a specific house and sell their current home, right now!
The flip side of listing and selling your home in late January or so is that you’ll be buying your next home in a marketplace with many choices coming on the market every day. With a sale already booked on your current home, you can act decisively when the perfect next home appears. With your exact sale proceeds known, and financing sorted based on your net proceeds, you may also be able to out-manoeuvre and out-bid competing buyers on that new perfect place, particularly if you find yourself in a multiple offer situation.    

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