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Staging your Home: Lighten and brighten

Blog by Robert Matthews | September 9th, 2014

Yes, staging your home does make a difference. And no, staging needn’t be costly. Just remember the key points: Clean and delete, lighten and brighten.

First things first: Your home must be spotlessly clean. Then, consider a fresh coat of paint. Colours with a cool undertone (blue, green) help walls to visually recede, making spaces look larger. Add table and floor lamps where necessary to lighten corners. Stick-on battery puck lights can brighten up closets and undercounter spaces.

You must also ruthlessly edit your “stuff” from closets, cabinets and cupboards. A good rule of thumb: Storage spaces should be half empty. Rearrange your remaining possessions in an eye-pleasing manner. Boxing up non-essentials and taking them to temporary storage is well worth the time and cost. And it’s the little things that count, from ensuring your kitchen garbage can is hidden away and removing all evidence of pets (food bowls, dog beds, etc.), to having matching hangers in your clothes closets.

“Clean and delete, lighten and brighten” will help buyers move from 'I like it' to 'I love it and must have it!' I recently came across a great do-it-yourself staging website. Visit Stage My Own Home for staging ideas for every room in your home.