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Market changes since September - it's an area-by-area story

Blog by Robert Matthews | November 9th, 2016

We've all heard the news - homes sales are down; the market is slowing. As is always the case, actual numbers vary greatly by area.

We're not real fans of averages, as they misleadingly skew results with the inclusion of higher-end or lower-end properties. However, a recent graphic, while working with averages, gives a good indication of how the market has changed in just the past month, vs. September. And note the variability from area to area. We can expect continuing changes ahead.

See the full-size graphic here. A similar graphic for attached properties can be found here.

(View these figures as general indicators. We'll be glad to provide specific data for your neighbourhood - just ask! And as we've stated before, the actual value of your home is based on a number of variables; and the actual selling price on the marketing, pricing and sales strategies we implement.)