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Here's a few amazing homes from around the web

Blog by Robert Matthews | December 3rd, 2019

Here's the latest in my series of unique and inspirational homes from around the world. See the previous post in the series here. (note: using “reader view ” on a mobile device makes for a more pleasant advert-free read. With Safari, tap the "AA" at the left of the address bar.)

Since when is a 20’ wide lot a problem? Quite an ingenious use of space. Actually, this design can be used in a number for settings. Laneway home, perhaps? See photos here.

Another example of housing alternatives. This uber-modern canal boat is a bit different from the usual London flat. More info here.


This Idaho home - the Cliff House - would fit perfectly here in BC as well. See the photos here. Note the granite bedrock extending right into the living area. That's my favourite aspect!

Another aptly-named “Cliff House”. Light and bright on BC’s Sunshine Coast. See photos here.

And we can’t forget the family dog, of course.This looks like a fun little project. The solar-powered cooling fan and automatic water faucet really kick it up a notch!