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Here’s more inspiration from around the world

Blog by Robert Matthews | January 11th, 2019

Vancouver has some beautiful, interesting and inspirational homes - in all sizes, and at all price points. Sometimes, though, it’s good to draw inspiration from other places. Here’s my latest instalment of eye candy from around the world. For Parts I and II in the series, see here and here.

The exterior / interior design of this house is amazing. Best part for me is the one-level living. More info here.


I'm quite a fan of ingenious architectural solutions to fit awkward spaces. Whether steep slopes, oddly shaped lots, or, in this case, a narrow space between two walls, many of these contemporary designs are inspiration for any space. Find details here


A separate structure simply for entertaining guests? This gorgeous space would actually make a fine house. Just add a couple of bedrooms and you're good to go. I especially like the dark, moody kitchen and...those windows! The cool steel walkway works too. More info here.

Cañas Arquitectos were tasked with designing an entertaining space for their clients that wanted to have a dedicated room for visiting friends and family, where they could enjoy the view and spend afternoons.

Very cool Seattle home, designed to maximize views, and privacy. From street-side all you see is the zinc and aluminum exterior; from the other, walls of windows with killer views. Even the garage has a view. Lucky car. Details here

The exterior of this modern waterfront house has a shell of zinc and aluminum, with the garage and the wood front door being the only part of the house that you can see from the street.