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Market momentums and autumn directions

Blog by Robert Matthews | September 8th, 2020

Sales volumes and prices have been trending higher than historical for a couple of months now. I expect this to extend into the fall as we continue to play Covid-19 catch-up. 

And if last night is any indication, we’re off to a flying start. I just had six offers on a listing of mine, selling for $65k over the already strong asking price. Of course much of this is the Realtor’s marketing, sales and negotiation strategies!, but market demand/supply certainly plays a part.   

Strong demand continues for most types of housing at the more approachable end of the scale, with appropriately-priced condos in well-managed buildings literally flying off the shelves in some areas. Despite what you may have heard about a post-Covid “flight to the suburbs,” the Vancouver and close-in condo market is alive and well and, as mentioned, I expect this to continue into the fall.

Detached houses at the more affordable end of their category are also having a moment; no doubt due in part to the traditionally busy spring market pushed forward into summer. A number of competing factors could increase or pull back demand through the fall (e.g., low interest rates and mortgage stress test easement vs. a catch-up of Covid-19 effects and recessionary fears).

Each market, sub-market and property type will have its own trajectory. Predictions? I’d say there are just too many variables at play right now. Anyone who is saying otherwise is guesstimating or may have some sort of inherent bias. It remains to be seen how the variables will play out and how the real estate world here is affected. For now, I expect a busy couple of months.

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